He said the inspection conducted as per schedules

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Canada Goose online Chapter III of the Factories Act, Section 33 I (Sub section 3) states, "If it appears to the Inspector that the use of any building or part of canada goose outlet online uk a building or of any part of the ways, machinery or plant or manufacturing process in a factory involves imminent danger to human health or safety he may serve canada goose outlet black friday on the manager of factory an order in writing prohibiting, until the danger is removed, the employment, in or about the factory or part thereof, of any person whose employment is not in his opinion reasonably necessary for canada goose outlet shop the purpose of removing the danger." However, Punjab Secretary Labour Ali Sarfraz Hussain denied the missing of Form 'K' from the record. He said the inspection conducted as per schedules. In order to avoid such controversy, Ali said that the provincial government had decided to use digital and mobile technologies to streamline the inspection procedure. Canada Goose online

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