«If they’re together for 50 years

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canada goose clearance sale If they split up, they don't have any guaranteed rights to each other's property, and may have to fight through the courts. If canada goose outlet canada their partner dies, on the other hand, and they haven't made a will, they have no automatic inheritance rights, so they might have to leave their shared home," Coles added."If they're together for 50 years, an unmarried couple could end up worse off than their married counterparts."Heterosexual couples win right to civil partnerships after canada goose outlet new york city pair win Supreme Court legal challengeSteve Webb, director of policy at Royal London, added: "Millions of people are currently missing out on rights that are available to married couples and same sex civil partners."It looks as though it could be a year or more before canada goose outlet in usa the consultations have finished and the new law is in place, and in the meantime cohabiting couples will continue to miss out. But this is a huge step in the right direction."Here are a handful of benefits that up to three million more people could receive as civil partnerships are extended to all.If you live with your partner but aren't ready to take the next step, here are some safety net steps you can take to protect your money.1. canada goose clearance sale

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