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Our infrastructure was already dated before the storm it from the 1950s and 1960s and now we need to start over. We need personnel there. We have 16,000 people from the military and the federal agencies, and we still need more.. The story of his Sugata's life, 'Bird of Passge', released last week by Mandala Publications, Kantipath, Katmandu, recounts the story of Sugata along with the last centuries dark ages. Born in 1911 in Germany, Sugata's protest against his time and pace culminated in his war time betrayal of Nazi Germany, when he risked his life and effectively ensured his rootlessness. The search for roots and meaning as well as freedom took him to the East, first to India and then to Nepal, where he became a Buddhist monk at Swaybhunath with Amritananda.

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