This also includes golf balls, basketballs and beach balls

I tested this with a guided launcher.Hitting the cube with your harvesting tool just once will cause you to fly further(or higher if you are on top of the cube).Driving an ATK on the cube has no effect, applies to items as well.Sadly, The ATK and the items just won fly :(The cube "Bounce" effect does not increase the effectiveness of a jump pad; Does not work like bounce pad + jump pad combo.Looking at the cube with a thermal scope has nothingCube is precisely 4 blocks wide, 4 blocks high, 4x4. This also includes golf balls, basketballs and beach balls. They all react normally to the cube.Bunker at Wailing Woods is still closed :(My theory(?)From the facts above, the cube seems like a transportation ship to travel through the cracks which have just closed.

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